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Most Amazing Images from NASA

Most Amazing Images from NASA

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*STS-126 Begins!

Blazing light surrounds Launch Pad 39A and glows in the nearby water as
space shuttle Endeavour leaps into the sky on the STS-126 mission from
NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. STS-126 is the 124th space shuttle
flight and the 27th flight to the International Space Station. The mission
will feature four spacewalks and work that will prepare the space station to
house six crew members for long-duration missions.

*Endeavour Lifts

Blazing light surrounds space shuttle Endeavour, eclipsing the light from
the nearby full moon, as it roars into space from Launch Pad 39A at NASA's
Kennedy Space Center during the launch of the STS-126 mission. Liftoff was
on time at 7:55 p.m. EST on Friday, Nov. 14, 2008. STS-126 is the 124th
space shuttle flight and the 27th flight to the International Space Station.
The mission will feature four spacewalks and work that will prepare the
space station to house six crew members for long-duration missions.

*Kennedy Space Center in Florida.*

Endeavour is scheduled to launch on the STS-126 mission, the 27th mission to
the International Space Station on Friday, Nov.. 14, 2008. The shuttle will
carry the Lightweight Multi-Purpose Experiment Support Structure Carrier and
the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo, which will hold supplies and
equipment, including additional crew quarters, spare hardware and equipment
for the regenerative life support system.

*Illusion and Evolution*

What's happening to the galaxies of cluster Abell 2667? On the upper left, a
galaxy appears to be breaking up into small pieces, while on the far right,
another galaxy appears to be stretched like taffy.

To start, most of the yellowish objects in the above image from the Hubble
Space Telescope are galactic members of a massive cluster of galaxies known
as Abell 2667. The distortion of the galaxy on the upper left is real.. As
the galaxy plows through the intercluster medium, gas is stripped out and
condenses to form bright new knots of stars. This detailed image helps
astronomers understand why so many galaxies today have so little gas.

The distortion of the galaxy on the far right, however, is an illusion. This
nearly normal galaxy is actually far behind the massive galaxy cluster..
Light from this galaxy is gravitationally lensed by Abell 2667, appearing
much like a distant person would appear through a wine glass. Each distorted
galaxy gives scientists important clues about how galaxies and clusters of
galaxies evolve.

*Neither Perpendicular nor

Most ISS images are nadir, in which the center point of the image is
directly beneath the lens of the camera, but this one is not. This highly
oblique image of northwestern African captures the curvature of the Earth
and shows its atmosphere.

The Earth's atmosphere is composed of 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen
and 1 percent other constituents, and it shields us from nearly all harmful
radiation coming from the sun and other stars. It also protects us from
meteors, most of which burn up before they can strike the planet. Affected
by changes in solar activity, the upper atmosphere contributes to weather
and climate on Earth.

*Happy Halloween From

As the new Equinox mission at Saturn begins, the Cassini-Huygens mission
team sends their best wishes for a happy, healthy and fun Halloween. We've
enjoyed sharing the stunning images and exciting results of Cassini's first
four years at Saturn -- and promise many more treats as the adventure

The Cassini program is an international cooperative effort involving NASA,
the European Space Agency and the Italian space agency, Agenzia Spaziale
Italiana. In the United States, the mission is managed by the Jet Propulsion

*Doomed Moon of

This moon is doomed. Mars, named for the Roman god of war, has two tiny
moons--Phobos and Deimos--whose names are derived from the Greek for fear
and panic. These Martian moons may well be captured asteroids originating in
the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter or perhaps from even more
distant reaches of the solar system.

The larger moon, Phobos, is a cratered, asteroid-like object in this
stunning color image from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Phobos orbits so
close to Mars that gravitational tidal forces are dragging it down. In 100
million years or so, Phobos likely will be shattered by stress caused by the
relentless tidal forces, the debris forming a decaying ring around Mars.

*Cratered Mercury

About 58 minutes before MESSENGER's closest approach to Mercury on Oct. 6,
2008, its Narrow Angle Camera captured this close-up image.

The features in the foreground, near the right side of the image, are close
to the terminator, the line between the sunlit

E.T. Phone Home

E.T. Phone Home

Explore #2, thanks to all the aliens and extra terrestrial beings that helped this get there.

Here's another space station creation fresh from the oven of my mind. Luckily all the aliens were off invading an unfortunate planet so I had the entire quadrant to myself. This is actually just the underside of some stairs and a conference room @ the Hawaii Convention Center.

Anyway, back to reality, I'll be off of Flickr for about a week. I'm heading to Cali for a little vacation to hang with some friends and do some snowboarding. Shitty thing is the peeps i'm staying with don't have internet.... so I'll pretty much be MIA but I'll try to keep up with everyones photos on my iphone. Hope you all enjoy life, have a great week, and I'll talk to ya'll later.
Shoooootz Den Bu.

Top and bottom HDR made from 7 exposures each. Blended a few additional exposures back onto it. Manually stitched. Selected entire left side and flipped it. Layer masked the flip and revealed the original 5 phones to get the missing one on the right. Added a 3rd light on the top. Curves, contrast, saturation, highlight / dodge, blue cooling photo filter on the sides of the stairs, unsharp mask, and noise ninja.

internet filter break

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